Weekend Adventure – Cape Hatteras

oregon inlet, cape hatteras national seashore


The warm salt air breeze in the air; white powder sand between your toes; pods of dolphins swimming twenty feet from the shore; pelicans diving for the catch of the day; the darkest skies on the east coast providing a full feature, all night star cinema; spending time with loved ones; and of course, a cold beer. We had a wonderful weekend in Cape Hatteras.

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Gear Review – The Proverb Jacket by Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Proverb Rain Jacket, tent, backpack

Hardshells are (or should be) a staple in your gear collection. Not only do they keep you dry while you’re caught in a storm, but they also provide wind relief when conditions get gusty. The question is, which type would best serve you. When it’s not winter, we always keep the Outdoor Research Proverb Jacket in our Gear Bag.

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How to Start a Fire with just a Chewing Gum Wrapper and a AA Battery.

start a fire with a gum wrapper and aa battery

There is an old saying that two is one and one is none. What it implies is that you should carry two of any item that is considered vital. A good example of this theory would be fire starting mechanisms. One match in a wet situation or one lighter that runs out of fluid can leave you freezing all night long. Luckily this can easily be avoided, but if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get a fire started, he is a little trick for your arsenal. You can use the battery out of your headlamp and the wrapper from a stick of gum to get a fire going quite easily with the right technique.

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Gear Review – Danner Light II


Your favorite boots glory days have long come and gone. The soles are shot, tread is a thing of the distant past, and the ankle support is non existent on your scambles. Your starting to eye up the shiny boot collection at your local outdoors store, but aren’t sure which way to go. Let us introduce you to a brand that REI sells, but doesn’t have available at any of it’s stores. The maker is Danner, and these boots are built to last.

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Weekend Adventure – The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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The Smoky Mountains roll for miles cutting through the dense fog and fresh mountain crisp air. It is a beautiful morning and we are thrilled to be in the mountains for the weekend. If you haven’t been to the Smokies, the park is massive and covers a span from North Carolina to Tennessee. We are in the more secluded section of the park called Cataloochee on Continue reading “Weekend Adventure – The Great Smoky Mountains National Park”