How to predict the weather with an old adage.


You most likely know the old saying. “Red sky at night, hiker’s delight. Red sky in morning, hiker’s warning.” Ok, maybe not that “exact” version. Chad’s mom used to tell him that old adage when he was growing up. We’re not sure if she knew any actual science behind it though. It’s just one of those proverbs people pick up along the way. The reaquestion though, is there any truth to it? Could it actually help you while you are out in the backcountry with no cell service? Well, let’s dig into it and find out.

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How to Start a Fire with just a Chewing Gum Wrapper and a AA Battery.

start a fire with a gum wrapper and aa battery

There is an old saying that two is one and one is none. What it implies is that you should carry two of any item that is considered vital. A good example of this theory would be fire starting mechanisms. One match in a wet situation or one lighter that runs out of fluid can leave you freezing all night long. Luckily this can easily be avoided, but if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get a fire started, he is a little trick for your arsenal. You can use the battery out of your headlamp and the wrapper from a stick of gum to get a fire going quite easily with the right technique.

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How to Read a Topographic Map.

One of the important essentials that are commonly overlooked is how to read a topographic map. Most are content with a trail map, but topo maps provide far more detailed information that can be extremely valuable in the wilderness. The major thing they provide is something called contour lines, you know, those squiggly circles and numbers that many may not pay much regard to. Well, those days are over, because we are diving in to how to interpret them and it may benefit you on your next adventure.
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How to Pack your Backpack for the Trail.


A few tips before loading  your pack:

Spread out all of the gear you need, or think you may need, for your trip. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you have all the essentials needed and help nix that dreaded travel feeling of “what did I forget?”.

It is also a great way to visualize weight versus worth. Remove any unnecessary items to keep your pack weight as low as possible.

Humans tend to overpack when it comes to clothing, don’t. The clothing that you do bring; roll it, instead of folding, for better space efficiency.

Use compression sacks, they are your friend. Not only can they turn a big puffy sleeping bag into the size of a football, but they can also keep your gear dry if Mother Nature decides to spice up your trip.

Want another nifty space saving trick? Poke a small hole in the bags of your dry food, deflate the air, and then cover the small hole with a piece of tape.


Alright, so lets get down to it, what’s the best way to pack your gear?

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How to Survive a Bear Scare


“Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds and is guarding her baby.”
James Rollins, Ice Hunt

We wouldn’t mind meeting Bear Grylls, Bear Bryant, or heck even the legendary, dapper hat wearing, Smokey the Bear himself. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires, kids. The Bear that we aren’t excited to encounter is the one that is 600 lbs of furry fury. Ok, let’s be honest. Bear attacks are extremely rare in the North America.

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