Gear Review – Chaco Z/1 Classic


Most people are familiar with the Chaco brand these days, but if you aren’t, meet the Chaco Z/1 Classic. It could be one of the most versatile pieces of gear in your bag, or even your closet. For a few months now, we have been testing them everywhere. From the beaches, to the mountains, to the bicycles, heck… even the shower at the gym. That’s right folks, don’t go barefoot in locker rooms. Anyways, we think it’s safe to say that we have finally came to a conclusion on them.

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Gear Review – Battle of the Packs – Gregory Baltoro vs. Osprey Atmos

gear review, backpacker, osprey atmos, gregory baltoro

Maybe you are ready to embark on your first backpacking trip into the wild. Or maybe you are an experienced packer that is looking to improve your gear setup. If you have started your research, the two quality backpacks that are surely going to show up in your searches are the Gregory Baltoro 65 and the Osprey Atmos AG 65. You most likely have already been eyeing them up at your local outdoor retailer. How do you choose though? They are both quality packs. Sure, tossing a few sandbags and walking around in the store will give you a general idea of the comfort, but once you live out of them, the pros and cons become much more evident.

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Gear Review – The Proverb Jacket by Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Proverb Rain Jacket, tent, backpack

Hardshells are (or should be) a staple in your gear collection. Not only do they keep you dry while you’re caught in a storm, but they also provide wind relief when conditions get gusty. The question is, which type would best serve you. When it’s not winter, we always keep the Outdoor Research Proverb Jacket in our Gear Bag.

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Gear Review – Danner Light II


Your favorite boots glory days have long come and gone. The soles are shot, tread is a thing of the distant past, and the ankle support is non existent on your scambles. Your starting to eye up the shiny boot collection at your local outdoors store, but aren’t sure which way to go. Let us introduce you to a brand that REI sells, but doesn’t have available at any of it’s stores. The maker is Danner, and these boots are built to last.

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Gear Review – Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Fleece Jacket


When you find yourself deep into the dense woodlands, miles away from the nearest population, the last thing you need or should be worried about is being cold. Sometimes you venture out on your journey, welcomed by warm and wonderful conditions, only to have the chilly temperatures ride in on the dusk of darkness.

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