Myrtle Beach


A tradition has formed that we always spend the first warm weekend of the year at Myrtle Beach. It’s a celebration, really. A farewell to winter. We load up our camper trailer, roll out the green carpet, pop open the wilderness recliner beach chairs, ice up the cooler, plan out our thoughts for the year, and just let our toes defrost.

What do we love most about it? The morning and night walks. It’s 60 miles of soft sand beach front. Grab a coffee in the morning and walk for miles. Bonus: we are complete suckers for all the mini golf courses.

myrtle beach-5Here is our vintage camper. Well, vintage-esque. Last summer we were tent camping in the Outer Banks. It was hot, we’re talking real hot. To the point where Gina was sleeping in the car. There also happened to be fancy shiny RV’s and camping trailers around the campground. They’d hop out of their beds in the morning, smiling and stretching. They’d open their door, and the swoosh of air conditioning would blow Gina’s hair back. Chad was in trouble. Since we live outdoors almost every weekend, tent life just wasn’t enough. We made a compromise that we’d get a little camper trailer for the cold days of winter and the scorching hot summer nights. She wanted something with some showmanship, but the only thing we liked we’re Airstreams. Well, airstreams aren’t cheap. That was a no-go. Then she stumbled onto vintage campers which were fabulous. Although, the amenities were scarce on those models and you’re also dealing with camper parts that are over 50 years old. We finally found the solution with Shasta. In 2015 they reissued their iconic 1961 model. All the vintage vibes, without the worry of older parts. We’ve had a blast in it. String some lights on the awning, hang up the eno hammock, set out the flamingos, and you’re in for a weekend of relaxation.

myrtle beach-2The Happy Camper. Our trailer is pretty small, about 16 ft. But, honestly that’s all we really need. This is the back section. Gina’s sitting in the little reading nook. No idea if that’s what it was built for, but that’s how it gets used. The bottom part pulls out, the cushions fold down, and you can make it into a kids bed. Or in our case, it’s basically Teddy’s bed. The white mirror on the left is the door to the small bathroom. Black mirror is the fridge. Stove top, sink, and microwave on the right. There is a booth in the front that folds down into the main bed. She’s quite fond of this camper, and who could blame her. It’s like walking into a 60’s diner, on wheels.

myrtle beach-3Excitement. That was the mood, as a 14mm camera lens got tossed into a bag. Vivid, glorious images of the Milky Way started flashing through my mind. As I jumped out of the trailer with eagerness, it sunk in that..well, it was a full moon and we were in Myrtle Beach. Perhaps not the ideal conditions to snap some stars. Although, a big full moon is equally enjoyable. Especially while walking on the beach.

myrtle beach-4

Here is the shot with the 14mm lens. You can see the light pollution from the moon on the left, and the light on the right is from the city. So yeah, if you’re trying to get a solid shot of the cosmos, don’t do this. There are a few apps that can come in handy with astrophotography. Dark Sky Finder will show the areas with the least light pollution. Deluxe Moon will let you know how much light will be in the sky and when the “New Moon” begins (this is when you want to shoot). There is also an app called Photo Pills that will help you frame your shot by showing you where the sun/moon will be at certain times, and it also has a calculator to give you the correct settings.

myrtle beach-6Gina’s new flamingos and flag. It looks like a Jimmy Buffet tailgate. We had to stop into Camping World for a few important things, and somehow these ended up in the shopping cart.

myrtle beach-7

We stayed at the Lakewood RV Resort. It’s not the typical landscape we stay in, but we booked this on short notice. The place was a madhouse but the amenities were insane. Basically anything fun you could think of. Horseshoes, bocci ball, volleyball, basketball, cornhole, waterpark, coffee house, fishing ponds, etc. Definitely a good spot for a family vacation.

myrtle beach-8

If Teddy isn’t hanging out of the window, someone else is. There’s a long stretch of farmland on the way home from the beach that is heavenly. Miles of rolling hills covered in green grass, wooden fences, and old farm houses. Love that drive, especially during sunset. A few things going on this week. First we have a super talented graphic designer working on some new graphics for us which we are super stoked about. Hopefully we’ll be sharing those soon. Also we’re thinking about showing collections instead of sporadic pictures from here and there. We think it will document the trips and vibes better. So if the beach isn’t your thing, we’ll be doing something else next week.

myrtle beach-9

The first beach trip of the year is in the books. It’s going to be a fun 2018.

myrtle beach

Stay Wild

-Chad & Gina

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