The Kindness Rocks Project

Have you ever been hiking and stumbled across a rock that was turned into a canvas for an art piece? We have been finding these a lot lately; from the trail, to the grocery store parking lot. It turns out this is part of the Kindness Rocks Project. A project that has the mission of blocking out all of the negativity that surrounds us in the world, and focusing in on positive and uplifting messages. It could be a drawing, a kind word, or an inspiring quote.

We were elated to discover this project recently. A positive force for good. Who knows, your art piece could even impact a stranger. Imagine someone is going through a hard time. They are hitting the trail to clear their mind, and they stumble across something that brightens their day. A little painting, from your hands, with just the perfect words to uplift their spirits. That’s an amazing thing. Sometimes it’s the simplest of actions that can connect us all.

Here’s a video from the Kindness Rocks Project website.

So what do you need to do this? A few things.

  1. A smooth rock works the best. You can usually find them pretty easily in streams or on the beach. If you don’t have access to those, you can purchase River Rocks from your local hardware store or landscaping supply company.
  2. Designing your piece can be done in a few different ways. You can spray paint the canvas and then use oil based markers to draw, or you can simply hand paint the whole design.
  3. We like to use Outdoor Acrylic Paint. You can find it here.
  4. If handpainting you’ll need a few brushes. Try to find a firm detail brush for the smaller parts.
  5. Clear acrylic spray to hold and protect the color from the elements.

Some people have mentioned putting a clear coat over the rock before adding your design. This might be true if you are using Sharpies or markers. However, with the paint we used (there’s a link above), we never needed a clear coat.

Have any stories or experience with the Kindness Rocks Project? Let us know in the comments below.


-Stay Wild


Here are a few examples from others that we like.

Image result for kindness rocks

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Image result for kindness rocks

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Image result for kindness rocks

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  1. one of my bosses paints rocks in the Las Vegas, NV area — I sent him your blog post. Do you find that many people DON’T like the painted rocks, as it “violates” Leave No Trace ? I know that some hard-core hikers hate even the cairns that others leave. Was just a thought.

    Like your blog!


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