Q&A – Volume 1

?, ARM HOLDING NOTEBOOK WITH QUESTION MARK ON ITWe really enjoy reading the comments and questions that have been coming through Instagram lately. So, we decided to add a weekly Q&A post based on some of the more fun and interesting questions we have gotten.

Which camera do you use, and which one would you recommend for someone getting into photography? – Erin

We use the Canon 5D Mark II. Chad started out with, and also shot a 365 project with a Canon Rebel with a 50mm 1.8 (a $99 lens at the time). If you don’t want to break the bank, it’s a great combination to start with. That rig and a reflector can take you a long way through the learning stages. If a full frame camera is in the budget, grab it. You might even be able to find a good deal on a used Mark II body now.

What are your spirit animals? – Josh

Chad: Easy, a bear. Pretty sure I’m supposed to be hanging out in the woods: eating honey, fruit, and salmon.

Gina: Gotta go with a dolphin. They are smart, staying pods, and I can already impersonate their dolphin calls.

How are you liking the Phantom 4 drone? – Brandon

Well, we’ve only had it for about a month so far. Still a little early for a verdict. It’s super fun to fly around. The videos are incredible. Still working out the kinks of how to transfer them onto platforms like Instagram without the video quality getting destroyed. From a picture standpoint, not getting any mind blowing results yet. We’ll see how it goes in the future. For now we would say it’s best use would be to set the scene of where you are for a vlog.

What’s your favorite National Park? -Claire

That’s a real tough one. They are all great in different ways. We really enjoyed Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Park in Washington. Unbelievably beautiful.

Why don’t you guys post on the weekends? – David

It started because we never had cell phone service when we were backpacking or camping on the weekends. Then it grew into enjoyment of reserving that time solely for adventures and family. We think it’s important to disconnect and get back to the simple life. If we miss a post during the week for some reason, we’ll try to make it up on Saturdays.

What would you recommend for a first camping trip solo? – Sarah

Our personal opinion would be to stay at a camping ground for the first trip. It’s a great test run to make sure you are comfortable setting up and operating all of your gear. Getting used to the experience.  You’ll also have access to amenities and your car if you need it. If you’re comfortable enough with your gear to head out on a backpacking trip, that’s awesome, jump right in.  Test out a national or state park, they are typically well marked and well run. Everyone we have met on the trails over the years has been unbelievably friendly.



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