Gear Review -The Yeti Roadie

yetiOne of the things we have enjoyed watching lately is how people react to the Yeti Coolers. At first it is a genuine, wide eyed, wow moment. Followed quickly by, puffy cheeked, sticker shock from the price tag. “Who would pay $250 for a cooler?” Well the answer is, a lot of people. The follow up question though should be, is it worth it?

We had two immediate questions when first considering the Yeti Roadie. First, how many cans can it hold? Second, how long will the cans stay cold?

The basic answer to how many cans it can hold, is 30. It can hold 15 cans on 2 separate levels, 3 rows of 5. The catch is that configuration wouldn’t include room for ice.


The next question was how long can it keep ice cold for? We have seen a few studies, but none of them were truly tested in the field. We wanted to know how it would perform in real life conditions. So, we have been putting some miles on the Roadie lately. It’s been camping in the woods, buried in the summer sand at the beach, and hauled around in the trunk during our road trips.


This weekend we took it out to the Smoky Mountains for a three day camping trip. Below is a picture from day one with fresh ice. This is normal wet ice you would find at a gas station or grocery store. We also have the 4lb. Yeti Ice block in the bottom.


The Roadie has become our entertainment table at this point. Here it is by the campfire while we were playing cards at the end of the first night. Yes, that’s Phase 10 and we love it.


The middle of the second day, and there is still ice. However, it’s beginning to melt at this point. Quite the healthy mix in there currently. Coca Cola and Hershey’s are the true fuel of champions. Only kidding. If you catch up with us on Instagram, you know we were cooking some top notch s’mores the night before.


Day Three in the Smoky Mountains and we have come across the massive elk herds. These creatures are amazing and I truly prefer to stay on their good side, or in this case, safely behind a tree. It basically has a 6 ft. coat rack that I don’t want to be hung from like a winter coat.


Ok, back to the Yeti. It’s the end of the day 3 and all of the ice has melted. The cooler is still cold and we’re back home now. Here is the final reading of the cooler, 40.8F. Not too shabby.


Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine published the temperatures for the different styles of beer recently.

  • 35–40°F (2–4°C): Mass market light lagers
  • 40–45°F (4–7°C): Czech and German Pilsners, Munich Helles, wheat beers, and Kölsch
  • 45–50°F (7–10°C): IPAs, American pale ales, porters, and most stouts
  • 50–55°F (10–13°C): Belgian ales, sour ales, Bocks, English bitters and milds, Scottish ales
  • 55–60°F (13–16°C): Barleywines, imperial stouts, Belgian strong ales, and Doppelbocks

As you can see, after 3 days of hard use, the Yeti Roadie was up to the challenge. It’s right at the border of the light lager category and passes all the other fields.

What we also like about the cooler is that it’s made to last. You can quickly see that this thing is made for the long haul and we won’t be in the cooler market again anytime soon. Does it have a hefty price tag, yes. Is it a great investment if you use a cooler on a regular basis, absolutely.

Oh, did we mention it’s bear resistant certified? Just add two padlocks.


Product Features from Moosejaw

  • One-piece, roto-molded construction is extremely durable just like a whitewater kayak
  • YETI’s PermaFrost Insulation is pressure-injected, giving you exceptional thermal resistance for unmatched ice retention
  • T-Rex Lid Latches, with patent-pending technology and molded-in keepers, keep your lid securely closed and are built to last
  • The YETI ColdLock Gasket minimizes unwanted air exchange, locking out heat while sealing in cold
  • NeverFail Hinge System includes a full-length, integrated hinge that is self-stopping and will not break
  • FatWall Design features extra-thick walls designed to house added insulation for maximum ice retention
  • BearFoot Non-Slip Feet, are made from non-marking rubber and help keep the cooler where you put it and up off of hot surfaces
  • InterLock Lid System enables lid to interlock with the cooler body, creating an essential form-fitting barrier between your contents and outside elements
  • AnchorPoint Tie-Down Slots are molded into cooler body for solid mounting
  • Full-length stainless steel handle with textured grip that locks upright for easy carrying
  • Vortex Drain System has a screw-in, gasketed drain plug that allows for easy draining while partially opened and guarantees leak-proof reliability
  • BullDog Strap Guides allow for your cooler to be securely racheted down while being hauled or transported
  • Constructed of food-grade material that is Dry Ice Compatible and UV-resistant
  • Integrated padlock ports make it easy to bear-proof your YETI Cooler




One thought on “Gear Review -The Yeti Roadie

  1. Forget the overpriced and heavy Yeti coolers and get yourself an Ice Mule Pro, large or XL. A friend and I recently took a week long trip to New Mexico and Texas to do some hiking at Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountain National Park etc. We needed a cooler that we could fold up and carry in our checked bag, but then carry around in the trunk or with us as needed. We filled it with ice and a mix of water and beer. I think we were able to fit about a whole case of in it. First, it has carry straps just like a backpack which made hefting its loaded weight much easier (says the guy who has had three hernias, lol…). We drove hundreds of miles in the hot Texas /New Mexico climate for days on end, and as advertised, our water and beer was kept ice cold. The ice lasted well over 24 hours much of the time and even after several days, the water in the Ice Mule was still nice and cold and kept our water and beer ready to drink. How much did I love ours? I bought one for two of my good friends to take with them boating. It is hands down the “mac daddy” cooler for camping/ glamping /boating /car trips etc.. The best part is that when you are done using it, simply empty it out and roll it up and stow it out of the way, unlike a hard bodied cooler. Trust me on this, it will become your new go to camping cooler. They make all different sizes so you can get what works best for your specific needs. In my humble opinion, I think it is one of the best and most useful outdoor life products to come along in a very long time. PS-Enjoyed your web site.


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