Weekend Adventure – Carolina Beach State Park


Summer time in the Carolinas. The season to lose the wool socks, air out the hiking boots, and point the compass toward the white powder sand beaches of the coast. Carolina Beach is a quaint and friendly seaboard town, just south of Wilmington, where sprawling beaches meet the crashing waves of the Atlantic.

There are two options for camping here, you can spend the evening under the stars on the beach at Freeman Park, or you can head to the other side of the island to Carolina Beach State Park. This time we chose the State Park due for a simple reason, shade. After getting the tent sent up, we cracked a few beers, built a fire, and started cooking up the daily special, smores. By the way, if you are ever in need of a wicked accelerant to help the early stages of your fire, pine cones are the magical fuel you are looking for. Toss one or two onto your flame in the beginning and you will be melting marshmallows in no time.


A camp fire has a unique way of setting you at ease. Science has even shown that it lowers your blood pressure. So Doctor’s orders – if you needed a reason.  In a world where we are constantly bombarded with mental stimulation, it is refreshing to be able to shut it all off. Settling into your chair, you instinctively relax. The vibrant flames crackle and pop.The warmth radiates across your face, and the light dances across the night. I suppose you could call the fire “the headliner” of the night’s entertainment.


When you wake up in the woods, it is much easier to wake up.Ever notice that? I suppose it is due to the gradual light change, animals enjoying their mornings routines, and a visual like below instead of ceiling fan. No triple alarm or snooze button needed.


Our home for the evening is below, we recently picked up the Sierra Designs Flash 3 tent to use on our car camping trips when the puppy is able to come along. Check out the gear review section for a complete review on it.


Mornings are for coffee and relaxing in the Wilderness Recliner. Unfortunately there was no bacon involved.


Is there anything that brings back the joy of being a kid more than firing a slingshot at an empty beer can? I think not.


After packing up the camp site, we headed out to the beach for a fun day in the sun. The waves were rumbling, the tunes were cranked, and the Yeti Roadie became the card table for the day.


Kure beach is a gorgeous location. It is absent of the common high rise resorts, and substituted with beautiful beach homes that are easy on the eyes. It is a quaint spot to relax for the day, without the heavy traffic you experience at other beach locations. What this really means though, is more space to fine tune the old cannon. By old cannon, I mean my football throwing arm. To be honest, there was a bit of heavy rust on the cannon. Don’t tell Gina though, it was clearly the fierce sea breeze that was to blame for the lame spirals being chucked.


One last thing thing to mention. Gina got into a fight with a Jelly Fish. If you ever get stung, vinegar is your best friend in that situation. It is an excellent idea to toss a small spray bottle of vinegar into your beach bag, just in case. What you do not want to do, is put fresh water on it. It will only irritate the sting further. So as tempting as it might sound to plunge your arm into the ice cold Yeti cooler, trust us, don’t do it.

Stay Wild



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